shake your bonbons!

unfortunately, this is not an article regarding ricky martin. nor is it an attempt to revive his dead career.

i'm talking about the new KFC shaker shots.

it's actually just chicken popcorn that's placed in this nifty new container where a handprint is marked on the side. you grip it and give it a few shake then you have your flavored chicken popcorn.

it comes in three flavors, barbecue, cheese and garlic parmesan. my fave? i'd say the barbecue flavor.

now, if they come up with a gimik and have the restaurant staff do a jig when they shake the pops that would be an interesting sight. then again, haters would be quick to label it as sexist and demeaning, just like what happened to cebu pacific. then again, it's still a nice idea.


Anonymous said…
hello there thanks for your grat post, as usual ((o:

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