a date with myself

i have a friend who hates to be alone.

not me. there are days when i just want to wander alone in the mall, visit my favorite coffee shop, grab a cup and read a book.

today was different though. wished i had someone with me when i watched "red".

that way i could have chuckled, laughed and chortled with someone else. laughing "alone" is a bit looney, even for me.

eat love and pray was overrated. perhaps i expected too much from the movie, and yes it fell short of certain "expectations" although i did say i liked the general message. it was a very cerebral piece that probably didn't translate well into a movie. a writer with thoughts running through her head would have a book better express the nuances of the story. "eat love and pray" can't possibly translate all these via images.

so why the digression? because RED is nothing cerebral. it was imagery at its best and it loves to make fun of itself. who would have thought that people would be cheering for senior citizens? yup, stars born in the roaring 50s.

Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Ernest Borgnine, Brian Cox - names that most won't even recognize.

in the same manner that "the expendables" put together a major cast in a lame effort to induce a box-office hit, RED had the aforementioned actors as an ensemble cast for a potential hit machine.

except that RED had "thinking actors". good acting, pretty damned good script, non-stop action and a lot of laughs.i believe though that majority of the cast probably went into this movie not for the money. it was just pretty damned excellent material that an actor could NOT pass up.

and just like a line in the movie, the old peeps wiped the assess of the younger ones in this film. no doubt about it.

this film goes up as one of my favorites alongside another geezer movie, "it's complicated".

do i recommend it? hell yes.

by the way. john is absolutely brilliant in this film. :)

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