A Weekend Circus

bones a-pop during a cremation, dewy eyed students getting ready for graduation, people looking for jobs in a mall, hulking muscle-bound men dancing to "careless whisper", juvenile dancers doing the slow waltz.

no, not another sequel to the twilight series. just another bizarre weekend for me.

i started my weekend by attending the cremation of my friend's dad. a bit surreal, considering that she was soooo relaxed about the whole situation. turned out, she popped a couple of zaynor tablets earlier in the day. she even got the courage to look at the bleached bones before they had it all ground up.

the following day i had to wake up at 5am so i can go and prepare my material for a job hunting seminar, speaking in front of hundreds of kids hardly faze me anymore. who says we have unemployment? we're at this stage where jobs are looking for people, qualified people, not the other way around.

towards the afternoon i drove off to SM for a job fair where our company had its booth set up for people looking for jobs. people wanted to work for gardenia instead of call centers. even the cruise ship company is doing better compared to most of the BPO stalls. oh well, at least gardenia will have its own plant here in Cebu! yipeeee!

towards the evening, i got invited by friends to watch the NABA Mr. and Ms. Philippines Bodybuilding competition in Cebu Midtown. if you have low self esteem, then don't go watch these sort of competition - you'd end up with so much insecurities. what i don't understand is that there are competitors that shouldn't be there in the first place. one piece of advise to these folks, when you using tanners, use a shade one level darker than your face. some used three shades off the scale, they looked like really brawny SM salesladies. scaaaary.

sunday, i went to church in the morning then headed off to waterfront for a quick workout before donning my voyeuristic tendencies and took snaps of the biggest drag show on earth, the Cebu International IDSF Dancesport Competition in Waterfront.

seriously, the amount of glitter reminded me of the old disco-rama days.

okay, have to cut it short here. expect a longer write up about these events - with matching pictures. :P


Anonymous said…
glitter is the herpes of craft
- Big Bang Theory

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