anything goes

when your friendly neighborhood chinese restaurant starts to serve sizzling porkchop topped with butter gravy and fried garlic then you know that along the way, a decision was made to expand its client base.

it was an interesting surprise that red moon decided to change the menu with the addition of very western or filipino dishes. originally, we wanted to visit bop bernies as we were craving for the sizzling porkchop steak but got disappointed when we found out it closed down. left without any much options in banawa, we settled in red moon.

the problem with cravings is that it gnaws at you, which of course made ron order the sizzling porkchop. though not as big as the one in bop bernies, it was a hefty thick slice with a generous portion of pork fat.

tasty? yes. in a standard sort of way. everything tastes the same when it's swimming in butter gravy.

i decided to order kiampong and pork spareribs and was pleased that the kiampong is as tasty as ever. i believe that kiampong is the predecessor of the binalot style, assorted meats, shiitake mushroom, scallops, leafy greens mixed with rice (ordinary and sticky variety), spiced and seasoned well before it is wrapped in banana leaves.

come to think of it, it probably reincarnated as the asian version of the paella or the filipino valenciana.

topped with roasted peanuts and this rice-cum-dish is all you need for a meal, well a mini meal for me who is more "karne-vorous".

on the other hand, borderline diabetics would have crossed that fine line if they got to taste the spareribs. ketchup? banana ketchup? more sugar? that's definitely crossed out of my food item list.

the reality is, we really didn't need to order everything if we knew that the seafood soup was HUGE. as in dumbo sized bowl good for four and filled with chunky meat portions of squid, fish, fish ball and vegetables.

am not exactly sure if i'd drive all the way to banawa just for red moon, but it was a fairly decent meal with good portions, more hits than misses in terms of flavor and priced just right.


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