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i've been down south of cebu a number of times. and every time, minglanilla is just a town along the way where the traffic gets busy due to tricycle drivers and jeepneys that convert the four lane road into their own private parking lot. that and the people who has made "dodging cars" a national sport and some that think of the road as an extension of the town park.

minglanilla has never held any sort of interest for me except for the jollibee right in front of the main church that serves as a feeding station for people travelling further down south.

the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) church is just too pink for my taste, never mind that it was actually set up in the mid 1800s and the town played a pivotal role in Cebu history.

surprisingly, i haven't found enough information (online) regarding the structure and influences of IHM versus a number of more "popular" churches in South Cebu. it resembles the dual bell tower structure of the main churches in Carcar and San Fernando but is a far cry from the gothic design influence of these churches.

the lines are too clean, the corners too precise, and yeah, the facade too pink for my taste. nevertheless, it is an interesting structure from the outside and deserves another visit just to check the interiors. perhaps another trip down south with minglanilla as part of the itinerary :)

a small write up about the town and church can be found here.


Cacho said…
a friend of mine complained why they had to put up that standee/contraption on top of the entrance to the church. that was my exact sentiment. they could have placed it along the driveway or somewhere else. destroyed the facade of an otherwise impressive design.

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