Remembering My Roots

a quickie here. went to bacolod december 1 and flew back december 2. was invited to attend the forum hosted by the job placement office and alumni relations office of university of st. la salle in bacolod. part of the balik la salle program for alumni to share with graduating students real world experience. well sort of.

hmmmm, i now have a better understanding of the infamous beauty and brainless contenstant janina san miguel. it was hard fielding questions from students. pang miss universe.

in any case, i had a cheap thrill being on stage. never mind that the hosts look like they're more nervous compared to the guests. i've been on stages and talked to audiences that number in the hundreds and thousands. but this one is particularly good. you see, not so many people know that i never went up to get my diploma in De La Salle University. i didn't get to attend my own graduation as i was working already. when they handed over the certificate of appreciation i just pretended it was my diploma. sigh.

it was a good bonding experience as i sat beside john (it specialist turned sastre entrepreneur) and honey grace (media personality, cancer survivor) and moi, whose claim to fame is an astute talent in imitating accents. the kids had a major laugh when i did my impersonation of an indian fellow mixed in with a sub-titled korean. darn. i hope they learned something from the event aside from the audience laughing.

am looking forward to going back to my alumni next year for a series of job fairs. hopefully the seeds i've sown will bear some fruits.


Anonymous said…
hey dennis! so you got to visit USLS-IS ha? haven't been home in a while, i guess things must have changed a lot in bacolod. are you based in bacolod na again?

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