If People Loved People The Way They Loved Dogs....

This world will be a much better place.

i was scanning through my old pics and stumbled across one of me sometime in the early 2000s. If I remember this right, this is in puerto galera where i celebrated my birthday and rose's.

the place is a rest house in one of the private enclaves in mindoro that has its own docking port.

i didn't even know rose was taking my pic.

i've always loved animals, and for some reason, they flock to me wherever i go. they probably see a kindred spirit. o baka naman hayup lang talaga ako. :P


Anonymous said…
ano namang kahayupan eto? ha ha ha. i like this post cacho! you look so thin then!
Cacho said…
hayup na kung hayup, pero wag mo naman akong babuyin (pun intended) ha ha ha. yesh, i promise to shed my baby fat (baby daw o) this year.
Anonymous said…
I like the pic. It shows commune with nature and one of the other creatures in it. It's so Zen.
- Joe
Cacho said…
hey joe! thanks for the visit :) you should post some of your pics as well!
i think we find it easier to love our pets since the chances of being hurt, overly demanding emotions atbp is lesser than people.

i don't see a pet telling me the food doesn't taste right or i dress too shabby.
ajpoliquit said…
warrior of light, if i may add: pets look as cute in the morning when they've just woken up as they do the rest of the day. :)
Cacho said…
and pets make a good bed partner. they cuddle he he he

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