Day 6 GM Diet - Beef and Vegetables

i was gearing up for this point in the diet. after careful planning, i timed day 6 to fall on shaun's birthday. what other excuse do i have in eating all the beef and vegetables i need?

Day Six Beef and vegetables.

Today you may eat an unlimited amount of beef and vegetables. Eat to your hearts content.

Day Six Actual

have you ever tried spicy lechon? am sure if anthony bourdain tried spicy lechon he wouldn't have blessed the overly salty and ugly looking zubuchon the distinction of the best pork dish. unfortunately, there wasn't much beef in the party. on the other hand, the diet doesn't lock down your protein intake to beef so any substitute would do. ubberlicious spicy lechon, cordon bleu (chicken breasts stuffed with cheese and ham, rolled into logs, coated with breadcrumbs and fried to golden brown perfection) and chop suey made up my meal for the evening.

surprisingly, i wasn't able to go back for seconds.

for dessert ma ann tried to seduce with krispy kreme donuts. FORTUNATELY, am not really a fan of donuts and i settled for some casava cake cutlets and the fudge chocolate mousse cake from red ribbon.

am not much of a cake eater, but the fudge cake was reaaaallllly luscious, soft and creamy. the chocolate mocha mousse layered on a thick chewy fudge crust was enough to make me sneak into the kitchen to ask for seconds. okay, that's my "cheat" for the evening.

am scared to go on the weighing scale tomorrow. a diet shouldn't be this fun.

PS. here are the donut killers although jd and reina would rather have a bite of each other and tianne is planning some cellphone for dessert. care to join this group?!?


barefoot lady said…
So, do tell! How was the last day of your diet?
Cacho said…
hmmmmm hmmmmm :) actually, it worked really well. i sustained my weight loss of 4 Kilos by the seventh day :) the program got disrupted because i was invited to this fluvial procession and the only food they had on the boat was everything that's NOT on my list for the seventh day ha ha ha. but still, it really worked. am going back to it January 4, 2010
Anonymous said…
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