Day 3 - GM Diet Fruit and Vegetables

107 kilos to 103 kilos. that's the weight i registered when i stepped on the weighing scale. i was supposed to weigh myself tomorrow morning but i was sort of anxious how i was progressing considering the tough two days i had to go through.

i am trying to discount the fact that i woke up at 3:45AM with barely four hours of sleep just so i can attend the misa de gallo in the office.

Day Three
A mixture of fruits and vegetables of your choice. Any amount, any quantity. No bananas yet. No potatoes today.

Day Three Actual
I had pumpkin soup in the morning with garlic croutons. "generally" vegetable but with a dollop of cream and pesto. lunch was different as i had stir fry spinach in garlic relish paired with a very (very) small portion of steamed cream dori fish (i know, NOT allowed). snacks was a medley of fruits from guava, melon, indian mango, ki-at (miniature mandarin oranges, which incidentally means clumsy, goofy in the local dialect) with a dash of iodized salt. i went to the gym and ran an extra 5 kilometers and burned almost 600 calories. dinner was concentrated apple juice and two chicos (no, not boys!) that i ate with relish. it must be psychological but i actually felt really full!


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