sunday brunch

i got up from bed at 10, took a hurried shower, rushed off to church at 1045 and settled in for a carwash at 12 noon. ron wanted to eat in offroads but i really don't feel up to having the same fare of longganisa or chorizo with garlic rice an fried egg. i wanted something more substantial rather than processed meat, fried and murdered in the frying pan.

across offroads there's a sideroad (as opposed to sidewalk) eatery that's gaining popularity with the sykes call center crowd due to its affordable (and tasty) food selection. then again, sykes people don't have much choices in their building. the car fumes couldn't be worse compared to the army of darkness that huff and puff cigarettes in call centers.

so on a cloudy sunday, i present to you my lunch!
Tinola nga Manok (chicken in clear ginger broth) - remind me not to slurp on hot hot soup on a hot hot day.

Ginisa na Talong (stir Fried Eggplant in garlic and soy sauce), a bit too salty for my taste.

Giniling Na Baboy (ground pork with potatoes and carrots), fast and easy cooking

The SideRoad Eatery!

Iced Choco, a 1,001 one ways to add calorific pounds

you have to pardon me for loving the food spread on a sunday, that's the only time i feel like i don't have to rush eating and head back to the office.


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