Oysters At Iba Pang Ka-Horniness

i had some errands to do in bacolod last monday (october 12) and i met up with a couple of friends who were hosting me for the evening. i didn't realize that when they offered to have me in their home it meant they are going to camp out in the sala and me have their bedroom instead. call that filipino hospitality.

incidentally, we had dinner in manokan sa bacolod and lito ordered oysters aside from the usual inasal na manok (grilled chicken). i swear he had this uh, interesting grin on his face when he ordered the oysters. on the other hand, inday had this scared wide-eyed-about-to-be-devoured look in her eyes. hmmmm.

if you find yourself in bacolod, head off to the reclamation area near SM and look for Manokan sa Bacolod. It's an old landmark where rows of stalls offering practically the same inasal na manok vie for patrons. i remembered the place to be a bit more crowded but majority of the stalls had empty tables.

they have increased prices as well, chicken petso (breast), pa-a (thigh) now cost Php 55 pesos. isol (tail), baticolon (kidneys), atay (liver) and li-og (neck) range from 30 - 40 pesos. on the bright side, a plateful of oysters cost 50 pesos whereas this would have costed you 2,000 pesos in manila. perfect for horny peeps wanting to have their stamina up and about (amongst other things).

one of the more disappointing thing i observed is that the chicken pieces seem much smaller compared to my childhood memories of the place. gone are the thunder thighs and busty breast cuts. oh one more thing, if you haven't had your fill of inhaled carbon, the dark burnt inasal will give you a lifetime dosage.

recommended? hmmm. sure, for the experience and for the oysters. on the other hand, they have got to change the way they cook their chicken.


Erich Jao said…
everything were way bigger when we were younger... i think either we simply recall them bigger than life or the livestock being raised are runts.
Cacho said…
i'd like to believe that the livestock during our younger days were ginormous! on the other hand, the oysters were big, suuuuper big.
Anonymous said…
yung first picture, parang hindi ata oysters ang kakainin ni papa. scared.

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