22:24 10/6/09

"Wla na papa subong
lang gd xa pahoway"

i read this message early morning. if we're to follow the melodramatic movie method of receiving this kind of message then i'm supposed to be in hysterics.

i felt relieved. which is weird, i just got a message that my dad passed away. it wasn't a surprise. in fact, we were expecting it. the other day, i got a call from my brother informing me that dad was really critical and doctors mentioned he might have 48 hours. he called around 10:00AM, my dad died 14 hours after. doctors suck at fortune telling.

so i'm here in the airport, getting ready for my flight at five pm. the only flight available as i scrambled to book myself a seat. then again there's really no point at this stage to rush. it's not as if they're going to have him lie in the ICU hooked up to all sorts of contraptions, resucitating my dad until i get the chance to catch him breath his last.

if there's any consolation, the next time i see him he's all wrapped up like a gift box. wherever he is am sure dad's laughing along. he's got a morbid sense of humor. heck, he'd even tell me to pack some of the sweets from the wake, just in case i needed to bring some token for the office mates.

i am glad i took that flight two weeks ago and saw him up and about, we got the chance to talk to each other. shared a laugh or two, shed a bit of tears as he told me that if i needed anything my brother promised that i'd always be welcome to join the business. i guess that was his way of saying goodbye.

i am glad that last i saw him was his toothless (nearly toothless, he had his pustiso off) face breaking into a grin, his arms reaching out as he gave me a weak hug.

he's at peace and i should be happy for him. am sure it's going to hit me pretty bad soon. for now, i'm content with the thought he's with ma.


ajpoliquit said…
my condolences, cacho. *virtual hugs*
Cacho said…
thanks aj. hmm am stockpiling on updates regarding my dad.

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