Foodie Rebel

during the last few days of the wake i've taken the habit of eating outside the house. you see, i was "rebelling" against the idea that we've practically made the whole meal thing into something close to a fiesta of sorts.

ginataan adobo na manok
unfortunately, when you're in kabankalan there's not much restaurant options.

fortunately, melting pot is still open.

melting pot is better known for its batchoy and pancit molo and i have fond memories of the place when i was young and papang would drive over to melting pot to meet with his friends.

the kids (aka me) usually end up running around and ordering siopao and batchoy.

adobo na atay

it was a nice surprise to see that they've added to their menu (shakes, cakes, burgers, short orders and carinderia-style-viand pots). in different occassions, i tried their chicken curry, adobo na atay (liver adobo), inasal na manok (chicken barbeque) and a dish that became my personal favourite: ginataan adobo na manok.

i've actually come up with a version of my own but i used tanglad (lemon grass), luy-a (ginger), sili espada (long green chili) aside from the coconut cream, dahon bayabas (guava leaves), laurel or bay leaves (as a substitute for kaffir lime leaves) and chopped up chicken neck to come up with a spicier thai-like version of the dish.

i cooked the dish at home for my own consumption but apparently, the guests liked it and finished off the whole lot i was reserving for the next couple of days. drats.


Anonymous said…
pamatay sa sarap (pun intended). parang ang sarap nung chicken isol na ginataan!
Cacho said…
i had lunch recently with an indian colleague. he kept complainin that our food is less spicy than he is used to. i agree, to a point. on the other hand he hasn't really tried our bicolano dishes. that or some of the spicier kapampanggan food.

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