greetings gone wrong

happy birthday, happy new year, merry christmas. sounds great doesn't it?

but what do you do when someone greets you HAPPY CONDOLENCE?

i could hear dad's halakhak in heaven.


kilala mo pa ko? (do you remember me?)

let's put it this way, if i have a hard time remembering the names of my co-workers who i practically see 24 hours, seven days a week, would i even remember a long lost relative who could have stayed lost and it still wouldn't have mattered?

there's this really awkward moment in between the question and me looking them in the eye with a blank stare and i utter the word:

Indi (no).

i wait a little bit longer and they start to squirm before they mutter their names before heading inside.


kamusta na si papa mo? (how's your dad)

patay. (dead!)

i mean, how do i answer that particular question, i think they meant to ask how i am.


over dinner, me, tito baby, melanie, irene (and some other distant relative that i couldn't remember) were talking about the priest who celebrated the mass in my dad's wake. i joked about the fact that father was sporting the "wet look".

it was so warm and we forgot to put on the fan. the poor priest was sweating so bad he used the same cloth he used to wipe the chalice on his face. i can just imagine, standing close to the coffin with a million megawatt lights turned on and am sure you'd start imagining what hell feels like. sunny, but hot.

going back to the dinner, tito baby was enjoying the dinuguan and melanie blurted out, father jun is the head of the i-youth pastoral council. for the uninitiated, i-yot means the physical coupling between partners.

tito baby almost choked as he grabbed for the glass of water.


in the middle of a conversation between some of the guests in the dining area, my elder sister stepped out of the main bedroom. before closing the door, she shut the light off.

a few seconds after, we heard scrambling and noises coming from the room and the eldest sister burst out of the room with hair standing in all directions, her sleepy squinty eyes adjusting to the light before blurting out:

"daw sa gaga guid ni sya ya! nga-a gin patay mo ang suga?!"

we ended laughing so hard. obviously, my sister's really scared of sleeping alone in the bedroom with the lights off. by the way, this is the same sister who still has to take a look in dad's coffin. the irony of it all is that she's a nurse and she's seen dead people in all shapes, colors and sizes.


pussinboots said…
good to see you still manage a bit of humor after what just happened...hope you are ok!
Cacho said…
ah, then again it wasn't something that was totally unexpected. so i guess we already knew it was happening. in fact, the night before i was set to go home i told my office mates that i have a feeling that by the time i get home my dad is already wrapped up like a gift.

hmmm, have gone through so much for the past three months that the only thing left is just to laugh.

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