Not So Fast Food!

surprise when you least expect one is a treat. in this case, a gastronomic treat. i dropped by KFC to get some tummy fillers and was thinking of the oily, greasy but utterly delicious fried chicken but my eye got caught by the flashy display bannering the newest menu entry: Supreme Bowl that comes in two flavors, italian and imperial chinese.

i've tried both but i highly recommend the chinese imperial. spicy, sweet and extra garlicky sauce topped a slice of crunchy chicken fillet and rice. the kicker? they added three slices of fried eggplant seasoned just right to compliment the crunchy bite of the chicken fillet.

i ordered a regular portion of the new flavor shots in sweet chili or barbecue sauce. a perfect accompaniment to my supreme bowl order if you want more meaty goodness.

as the tag line goes, finger licking good!


Karlota said…
i love kfc... more than any other chicken fast food.
Cacho said…
same here, my fav chicken place - but if you want cheap delicious chicken options try out crunch chicken :) the gravy is not that delicious but i like the portions - big and cheap.
karan said…
hi! found your site by accident! nice one, we don't have this in malaysia KFC. too bad!
Cacho said…
hey karan, when i visited KL, KFC spicy crunchy chicken was not so spicy as the one we have in the philippines :) am surprised

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