up in the mountains...

many many saturdays back i got invited by le ann to go up to sirao with friends who flew in from manila. there's really no cause for celebration except for friends wanting to get together and escape manila for a weekend. sirao is this place up in the highlands and le ann has a property that overlooks cebu city and the bay. very cool weather.

as usual, it was a literal food trip with the unfortunate lechon de cebu as the gastronomic star for the day. good for them, bad for me. i've been trying to avoid having pork for the past few weeks and it's not helping my resolve to have that lechon screaming "eat me! eaaaat me!"
i kind of feel guilty every time i get an invite as le ann would refuse any offer for me to bring anything. then again, i provided the entertainment (song, dance and stand up comic all-in-one) so i guess that serves as my contribution to the get together ha ha ha.

it was a surprise to see manang busily cooking a feast in the kitchen when we got to sirao. i later found out that le ann asked manang to come back from semi-retirement from bohol (which is just like, another island away!) just for this occasion.

and manang did not disappoint. she served a superbly delicious sinigang head of lapu lapu that had me slurping a bowlful of the wonderfully sour soup. i followed it up with pan fried tangigue lightly seasoned with salt, pepper and kalamansi to retain it's fresh flavor.

since i was trying (desperately) hard to avoid the lechon, i went for the fresh lumpia and bam-i hoping that the carbo overload will keep me full. if my distended tummy and bursting shirt is any proof, i felt more stuffed than the lechon.

fresh lumpia

i am so looking forward to the next trip. :)
joemar, ed, baby, lean, grace, malou (and manang in the background)


Anonymous said…
the lechon looked like it was shot through the head. execution style. he he he
pussinboots said…
yum! :)
Cacho said…
hello pussinboots :) thanks for visiting, just a trivia... do you know that it's only here in Cebu where they can actually do a liposuction of the pig if you asked for it? talk about extreme he he he.

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