Pinoy Samaritans

three strangers helped me out to get my car running tonight. and they say you shouldn't talk to strangers.

my car batteries went kaput when i arrived in cebu a bit earlier this evening. first sign was that the key lock doesn't seem to work. i just changed my batteries with a set i placed in storage for almost a year. apparently, you need to "warm up" to get them running.

in any case, three fellows helped. the security guard who went around looking for wires, the starex driver who eased his van towards my car so he can tap his batteries, and another fellow who got singed a bit as he held the wires.

all angels. all unnamed strangers. and to think they didn't want to receive any of the money i was forcing in their hand. they didn't have to help, but they did.

in that moment, i am so happy and proud for the filipino trait of being matulungin. i hope i can repay that kindness in some other way.


Cacho said…
with ondoy, it made me realize that there are more heroes out there. it is unfortunate that we need to go through a crisis to step up to the challenge.

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