Addicted to Books

here's the stash i looted from fully booked the other day. saw the trailer of percy jackson the lightning thief and got to do some searching in the web for the series. it's technically under the young adult section.

i'm young. i'm an adult. i guess i'm still in that category.

synopsis: horny greek gods cavorting with humans and when gods meddle with human affairs someone gets pregnant. err, a lot of bad things happen. i'm currently reading page 299. almost done with the first book.

by the way, there are five books. why do i have only four here? well, the fifth one is still hardbound and costs Php 2,200. each of the copy i got costs only Php 289. I'm sure that before i get to finish my stash the last installment should be available.


September 4, 2009 - i'm done with the whole set. finished. darn. and i still don't have book five. still have to look for a cheap paperback version.

September 5, 2009 - i passed by fully booked and bought the fifth installment. eeexxxpensive! it's hard bound but the smaller less expensive version, the first one i saw cost a couple of thousand pesos, this one's Php 680. No need to waaaaait. :)


karlota said…
i wanted to buy these books too.. weee. but i think i'll wait for the movies and then buy all the books.. :)
Cacho said…
:) anyways, guess what? i finished all of the books in record time. one book a day. drats.
karlota said…
cost of tune in LCCT was about 500 pesos while in downtown was around 700 pesos. there was a promo and I stayed during weekdays... but you're tall so i think it will not be comfy for you.. it was perfect for someone of 4'11 like me.. weeppeee
Karlota said…
yeah, my malaysian couchsurfer host told me about it.. pretty scary.. I'm veryyyy happy not to be a muslim. ahahahaha. i don't think these books are available yet in national bookstore at sm cebu.. had a chance to look around last night.. going to wait for it.. i've had enough of ordering one from ebay.. weeee

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