one of the most popular post in this blog is for some reason, when someone does a search on the web for " scam" they end up in my website.

i guess my write up about their special romance package caused such a ruckus that they took it out of their website. i felt like doing a sherlock holmes and decided to visit the site to pose as a customer. here's a snapshot of my interesting, grammatically challenged conversation with kai:

that's not all, in the course of my "investigation" i stumbled across some literary gems of advice for the foreigner interested in looking for a wife:


Filipinas seek a foreign husband because…

  • Filipinas seek foreign husband not just for MONEY, GREEN CARD or a citizenship. It is because they feel that foreigners can make a good husband and a partner. - but the MONEY, GREEN CARD and citizenship must be there as well. they feel that too.
  • They want to marry a foreigner because they cannot find one in the country. Meaning to say that may be the one she is looking for is not someone of her own. - yes, if it is someone of her own then that's incest.
  • Filipinas find foreign men more attractive and interesting. They have this appealing looks that can melt Filipinas’ hearts. - yes, most of the men that go to this site are old, cuddly, ready to croak and smell like your grandma's closet. they look like chewed up teddy bears.
  • Believe that foreign men put their family first. Filipinas belong to a close family ties, they feel that foreigners are like that. Furthermore, Filipinas really wanted that their families are well treated by their partner. - not to include, friends, villagers, in fact the whole town must be treated well by the partner. a buffet fiesta is a must in the first meeting. jollibee preferably.
  • Want to experience a relationship from other culture. One of the research shows that a relationship from different cultures will likely have a happy marriage. Having a relationship with a person from another race is also a way of keeping an open mind about one’s tradition and afterwards begin to understand and accept each other’s differences. - yes, but they MUST live in the foreigner's native land. that is the best way to understand the cultural differences. and the mrs. will definitely be happier if mr. right hurries up and croak. but not before she gets the MONEY, GREEN CARD and citizenship.
  • It is one way of opening its doors for Mr. Right. Looking for a foreign husband may be the answer to their prayers in finding the right man for them. If they think, that their Mr. Right is not around their neighborhood or anywhere in the country, then the possibility of finding him in another country is big. - yes, because there's a bigger chance that mr. right-now in the neighborhood won't be able to offer MONEY, GREEN CARD and citizenship.
  • They just love to marry a foreigner. Some Filipinas love to marry foreigners because Philippines was once under the American regime. Because of American colonization, there are influences of American culture and tradition that have been left in the country. And still exists up to these days, with these influences it gives an impression to Filipinas that foreign men are great people. - right. and there's this impression that Americans have MONEY, GREEN CARD and citizenship.
Thus, do not be fooled that Filipinas are only up to milk and honey abroad. - that's right, they don't need the milk and honey. just MONEY, GREEN CARD and citizenship.

i am sure there are legitimate partnerships that can be found in the maze, and i'm sure there are men who actually want to find that lovely asian partner. just as i'm sure that there are ladies that genuinely look for love (and M, G, c).

my only gripe is that they use the cebuana term so easily. a term that is carried by every lady in this region. calling on governor gwen. a lady, a cebuana.

(click on read.more for the whle transcript of my chat...)

13:49 kai08: Hi! You are reaching Customer Service Representative. How may i assist you today? Please give me a few minutes to help you with your concern.
13:49 jon7c: hi is that you in the web cam?
13:49 kai08: Hola!!! Do you have any problem using the website?
13:50 jon7c: nope, i checked this site before about a year ago and there are some information that i can't find.
13:50 kai08: yes sir
13:50 jon7c: do you stil have the package for the turn around flight meeting service?
13:51 kai08: yes sir we still have it
13:51 jon7c: i'm scheduled to pass through Cebu October 2, 2009.
13:51 jon7c: do you have the link to the rates?
13:51 jon7c: i think you have the $99 dollar overnight package or something.
13:52 kai08: thats good to hear sir
13:52 kai08: would u like to avail romance tour package
13:52 kai08: ?
13:53 jon7c: is that what you call it? i think the package allows me to meet five girls of my choice. do you still provide the airport pick up service?
13:54 jon7c: are you still there?
13:55 kai08: yes sir
13:56 jon7c: great. so do you still have that package? and if i remember you have this nice lady that originally picked me up in the airport.
13:56 kai08: may i ask for her name sir?
14:0 jon7c: shenny?
14:0 jon7c: it's been a year, she picked me up in the airport and checked me in cebu downtown hotel or something.
14:1 jon7c: wait, that's midtown.
14:1 jon7c: but i'm more interested if the package is still on?
14:1 kai08: yes sir
14:1 kai08: we stl have it
14:2 jon7c: can i have the details? some sort of link should be good.
14:4 kai08: ok sir
14:5 kai08: we have romance tour package A, B, C, D
14:7 kai08: package A $299.95
14:9 kai08: includes 1.airport pick upm and assistance
14:9 jon7c: the one i had cost me $99 that was just an overnight thing. anyways, what does Package A include?
14:9 kai08: 2.provide transport to the hotel of your coice in metro cebu
14:10 kai08: oh u mean that sir
14:10 kai08: romance tour package B
14:10 kai08: for $99.95
14:10 kai08: that includes
14:10 kai08: 1.airport pick upm and assistance
14:11 kai08: 2.provide transport to the hotel of your coice in metro cebu
14:11 kai08: 3. assist in hotel reservation
14:11 kai08: 4.assign a tour guide for one day
14:11 kai08: and
14:12 kai08: 4. set up a"get to know" meeting with your top favorite ladies of at least 5
14:12 kai08: those sir
14:19 jon7c: great, i think my account got deactivated because i never got the chance to visit Cebu for a while. do you have the contact details? or i need to sign up again?


Anonymous said…
this is unfair, cebuanas are not whores!
Anonymous said…
if anyone should ask me, i'm not cebuana.. i'm bisdak.. weeppeee
Cacho said…
hi karlots! thanks for dropping by, medyo disappointing lang that the cebuana term is being degraded. interestingly, cebu is now considered as one top destination for child sex trade as well as an asian destination for sex tours. :(
Anonymous said…
The whole site is a scam. Check out these links from their site...

How many other fake women 'exist' on these sites?
Anonymous said…
Sorry for bothering you. Sana po iallow nyo magstay tong BABALANG ITO!

Gusto ko lang po kasi ireport itong MANLOLOKONG SELLER na to at heto mga sites nya.
Ang SCAMMER nato (Rose Ann) at heto ang picture nya.

Ang mga sites na inooperate nya at heto:

Modus Operandi o Istilo ng Panloloko ni Rose Ann.

Ang mga paninda nya ay hinahalo sa mga fake!

Iba iba diskarte nya depende din sa stocks nya.
Minsan kukuha ka ng 3 foundation at isa dito fake.
Or kung gift set na pwedeng ichop ichop? Kukunin nya ung ibang parte ng Original gift set at PAPALITAN NG FAKE!

Magaling mag repackage hetong si Rose ann kaya hindi mo mapapansin na pinalitan na pala!

Maingat sya at kahit anong pakiusap mo sya makikipag meet sayo! Malinaw na nakalagay yan sa mga sites nya.
Kung sa bagay nga naman kung manloloko ka, bakit mo nga naman kikitain biktima mo?

Kung bibili ka sa Sulit, multiply, blogspot, buy and sell at kahit saan classified ads site? Mas DELIKADO KA! Dahil lantaran manloko tong si Roseann at kung for example 3 inorder mo? 3 dun puro imitation!

Sa Ebay atleast medyo hindi naman garapalan dahil kung mataas feedback mo? Majority ng oordering sa kanya original ibibigay nya. Pag kampante ng ang buyer? Dun sya babanat at unti unting papalitan ng fake!

Kung ayaw mong maloko? Maghanap ka ng ibang supplier!
Yung mga honest, trustworthy na HINDI TAKOT makipag kita!

Malaki ang nawala ko sa manlolokong ito!
Nag test purchase ako worth 500 at nagustuhan ko naman quality at mura.
Palibhasa sinabi ko na TEST PURCHASE LANG kaya nagpasikat sa akin.

Nung totoo na? Nag order ako worth 10K at karamihan Class A imitation!
Ang binayaran ko AUTHENTIC! Nakalagay sa ad nya Original hindi fake! Bakit peke binigay nya?!!!

Nawalan kami ng 10K at kasalukuyan tinitrace namin tong scammer na to!
Sana wag kayong matulad sa katangahan at kamalasang ito!


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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
hey Cacho, I want to connect with you reagrding, that crappy site, it's full of scammers, and crap! It's one big circus. Will tell you more as soon as I am done with some issues with them ... i will surely keep in touch!
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