Tripping All Over (x)

open my passport and you'd see stamps from all over asia: malaysia, thailand, singapore, vietnam, japan, hong kong, sri lanka, india and you're bound to form a false impression that i must be having a grand time on vacation.

i am getting close to becoming an expert in international airport interiors, that and hotel rooms, office boardrooms and the semi-catatonic state of catching precious sleep from one meeting to another.

people have the mistaken notion that travelling internationally = glamorous lifestyle. it may seem like that, but at one point you wake up in a hotel room and you can't even remember what time it is or where you are and you get the feeling that there is no place like your own bed.

note: the picture above is an architectural detail of the interiors of KLIA, the one on the right side is myself on board a cx plane, unsure of where am going...


Anonymous said…
meggie_noodles: malungkot ang entry mo about airports and hotels
dennis_ponce2000: that's true.
dennis_ponce2000: people don't realize na minsan we seem to be going about our way in an endless chase
dennis_ponce2000: i hope people read that in between the lines.
meggie_noodles: i have and for sure they will.
dennis_ponce2000: when we sometimes need to find ourselves, in our own place, our own home.
meggie_noodles: true.

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