Macho Macho Man! I wanna be a Macho Man! (",)

huuu.... haaaah, yeah! you can do it! harder! faster! rock that hip. wooooh!

for your information, i just finished a session of step class in cebu holiday spa. i admit, that previous line reads like a blog from a pervert. if you insist on doing the comparison (i have very little resistance, and since YOU insist...), it is very much like sex. wobbly knees and sweaty body. darn. need a cigarette.

in any case, i walked towards the water fountain to get some much needed h20 and one of the guys running on the treadmill like a hamster called out... "is that hard? girls like that class..."

you get the drift, this fellow is insinuating that the step class is meant for girls and sissies. that and the fact that it is a no-brainer class.


scientifically, women have a higher tolerance for pain (that's why they are the ones who give birth, not guys. Believe me, uranus is not that big, a?%$?le, and i don't mean the planet). furthermore, the step class improves your eye and hand coordination as well as work the brain in terms of memorizing all the complex combination that i swear was designed by my instructor to induce brain freeze sans the ice.

blame it on my instructor who loves to use his latin influence and uses the cha-cha, samba, tango, pivots, straddle the horse, lunges, squats etc etc

try this one out... reverse straddle knee up samba, sashay cha-cha turn and knee up. i swear, mr. macho is gonna end up with legs tangled in a spaghetti mass, sprained ankle, sore butt and a bruised ego.

"how long have you been doing your treadmill?"

"20 minutes everyday! and i do my weights training for an hour after." one can smell the testosterone from his armpit like a bad case of deodorant malfunction.

i grasped the handles of the treadmill, PURPOSELY flexed my 18 inch bicep while i looked over on his side.

"80 calories and counting. you're just wasting your membership, it's not making a difference."

he almost had a mis-step and nearly crashed his mug on the handle bars. and to think that he's just putting one foot ahead of the other. yeah, perfectly coordinated.


Cybele said…
I'm currently practicing beginner yoga at home. My sister and I are ex-athletes and dancers so we thought that yoga would be a good work out for us. We loved it so much that we told our friend about it.

Then hihiritan kami ng aming "Mr. Gym" friend ng, "Yoga? Sus. That's not a work out at all."

GRRR! You try making your body like an inverted letter-T,

I've taken step dance classes. Excuse me, if you're not paying attention, semplang city ka. And you're not just sweating--you're DRIPPING! And yes, it's fantastic for coordination.

No offense to treadmillers...but who wants to run without going anywhere? Mag-retail therapy ka nalang!
Cacho said…
you said that right, i attend ashtanga(not sure i have this right) yoga, the one where you literally carry yourself and all? at the end of the work out am all sweat. pati singit.

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