Textiquette 101 (",)

an acquaintance sent me a text message: "saw you today, called to say hi but you were busy swinging from one tree to the next."

my initial reaction is to simply delete the message. but at one point one gets a bit tired of snide remarks, though sent as a joke, can be rather demeaning. specially if that someone barely counts as an acquaintance, much more, a friend.

i replied..

"i heard the call, just didn't want to say hi to the fat (pause), ugly (pause), elephant."

another possible reply would be...

"i didn't know elephants had thumbs and fingers! it's amazing how you can text!"

he stopped texting, and am glad to be rid of another annoying asshole.



Meg21 said…
hahahaha...nice one... I might use that when somebody sends me a text message with the same context hehehe... :) aliw!

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