Tempting the Tempter (x)

once upon a time i went to manila for a short trip. it was horrible. i don't like the smoke, much less the traffic. i mean, i can actually conduct a conversation with the passengers of a car creeping along edsa from the airport to makati.

the only other entertainment would be to stare at huge billboards of flash-in-the-pan actors and actresses that cater from tsinelas (slippers) to dragon katol. that or open your window and get a high from the swirling carbon dioxide that cars and busses belch like anything. side note - manny pacquaio has literally made pakyaw (hoarded) all of the endorsements. it would be interesting if he were to promote TRUST condoms. slogan... "isang round ka lang! (one round you only! - ugh, this literal translation sounded off, waaaaay off.)"

getting back to the main gist of this entry, night came upon quickly enough and vampires started to roam the streets - suckers who can easily hypnotize you with alluring eyes and drain your wallet of cash.

oh by the way, along the highway, makati is notorious for the superheroine wonder woman that ropes in unsuspecting innocent (yeah right) horny men. you wonder if they really are women. unless you desire to get a stick up in the middle of your nocturnal encounters, i suggest you check their id's. necesario magically transforms to chacha at night.

if i were to quote a friend of mine.. "the worst thing that can happen is that they have a BIGGER stick than mine. syet."

my friends demanded that i join them for after dinner drinks. harmless enough. haven't seen them in almost a year. i nursed a glass of light coke while they guzzled down bottles of beer in seven eleven. what they conveniently forgot to mention was that they intended to go hit the night clubs to get some partying done. i certainly don't have any issues with people wanting to watch naked girls do some jiggy on the stage, that or watch bullrides without the bull onstage. that is, if you're single and available. which i'm not.

"i really don't want to go to XXX bar."

"putcha pare, we should have a party..."

"i still have work tomorrow, and besides don't want XXX to throw me out of bed.."

"no one's ever gonna know."

how do i explain that the principle is not in who knows who did what to who, but in knowing what you did, to yourself?

"pare, i'll know... that's the point."

"nagmamalinis pa to... (no need to play innocent) ha ha ha, o sya, e look but no touch, you don't have to go home with anyone." for some reason visions of an eat-all-you-can restaurant popped in my head. dine in only, no take out.

"i don't want to put myself in a position where i'm tempting myself to do something i'd regret later on."

it's like having a conversation with the devil, except that the devil is in my mind. forgive me lord for i don't know what i do.


Erich Jao said…
Temptation has ever been the fall of even the most virtuous man. The nasty thing about temptation is the way it sneaks up on you making you think that it won't hurt if its but once, only for this once. Thus the first step to the road to ruin is taken.

Thus for me, Dennis, you're the man! You're a tall act to follow and by setting the bar high, you make it imperative for others to also attempt to be better. Thanks buddy for being the beacon that lights the path for others.
Cacho said…
a former staff asked me before what is my greatest accomplishment. i said, if i am able to positively affect one person in this lifetime, my life would have been well lived.

it's difficult to be placed in that pedestal as i am not the best of example. i can only hope to live my own life with my own rules.

thanks bud.

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