One Visayas

after watching watchmen and spending time in off roads, i dragged my best friend to the Cebu International Convention Center in Mandaue so we can check out the One Visayas Event.

just in case you are not aware, the Philippines hold the record as the country with the most number of islands, a total of 7,107 (depending on the tide, it can actually increase or decrease by a few count)

Of these islands, about 2,773 are named so there is still that chance i can buy one and name it Cacho. Only gorgeous and nice people can become citizens.

The Visayas group of islands is right in the middle and is accessible via plane (and plane crashes) as well as local, international and pirate boats that ply the virgin (and sometimes oil spill tainted) coastlines.

An event like One Visayas [click to search for One Visayas posts] is an event that has been waiting to happen, and finally they got to feature the various visayan regions in a week long display of arts, theater, film, culinary demonstrations, tourist destinations and festivals that numbers more than the islands of this country.

you can probably guess that we headed off to the culinary section of the convention and bought crispy dulong, nangka pastillas, pili tarts, pili nuts, squid flakes, torta, mandaue bingka, tamarind paste and cheesy frankfurter. some stalls displayed capiz chandeliers, crafts, lamps - unless they're part of the hansel and gretel fairy tale, i can't imagine why they're part of the culinary section. am sure i need my calcium but i'd rather suck cow tit before eating a handful of capiz shells. i know you get my point.

i seriously can't remember which province makes the cheesy frankfurters but i swear it was the most popular stall in the culinary section.

we capped the night by enjoying the parade of cebu festivals that danced, swayed, jumped and paraded in amazing costumes and even more amazing themed music. and to think we almost packed our food stuff and left the place because of the amazing filipino habit of introducing each and every kilometric speech with honoraries, greetings and the worst case of kissing ass.

they repeated the name of the (in)dignitaries a hundred times over and over that one lady politician must have gotten a stiff neck for bowing her head every time her name is called. the speeches alone consumed half of the program. fortunately, most politicians have developed fish-like abilities of sleeping while keeping their eyes open (the frozen smile is the result of too much botox).

then again, it was worth the wait. next stop for One Visayas is in Aklan.


Anonymous said…
hahaha. let me know when you get to own the cacho island filled with nice and gorgeous people. have a nice day.
puss_in_boots said…
Nice blog entry!

Another fact about the Philippines is that it has the world's longest discontinuous coastline, approx. 34000km. This means it potentially has more beaches than anywhere else.

Let me know too about Cacho island. Can I apply for citizenship? :P

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