Eating Big(bys)

frankly, hotel food sucks. sure, they prepare your dish like it's part of an art show but eating a van gogh is probably going to give you an indigestion. when you're hungry, the last thing on your mind is how nice your food looks like.

if you have a huge appetite, hotels and fine dining restaurants shouldn't be your choice. portions are so micro-infitisimal (i made that word up) that you probably need toothpicks instead of chopsticks to pick up the food.

and if you've imbibed the cebuano penchant for being stingy with money, you can grumble your way through dinner (this bite cost me fifty pesos, this sip of soda six...)

so where do you go for food that's pretty, affordable and huge? grab a bite, no, make that a mouthful in bigbys. enjoy the pics (my personal choice is the rodeo porkchops)


Di said…
hmn.. even hotel buffets? that marco polo buffet isn't bad.
optimuspride said…
Hello! I always visit your blog to have an idea where to go next. Your description of BIGbys convinced us to try it out. No regrets... except I think I am now a couple of pounds heavier.
Cacho said…
Hi Di! Marco Polo recently decreased their prices for the buffet - hopefully they didn't compromise with with the taste. I agree - good food!

Hi Optimus! Thanks for dropping by my blog. There's a lot more coming, do check out my recent food trips... keep on reading and dropping notes

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