Finding Talent

unfortunately, if you're googling American Idol and landed on this page, you are not going to find that sort of talent that i'm looking for. you see, i delivered a talk about the Human Resource Agenda in the joint Philippine Society of IT Educators (PSITE) and Philippine Society of IT Students (PSITS) conference in Region 8.

The message is the same, we are not developing the correct skills that the IT and BPO industry needs. the sad part is that the IT industry is claiming that only 20% of graduates are employable at the entry level. worse, the BPO industry is experiencing a 5% hire rate for maturing BPO cities.

the alarming fact is that China is fast gaining on the BPO global share and is eating up the market that is traditionally reserved for the Philippines after India. Unless the academe addresses the quality of education, correct selection of platforms that closely mimic industry skill sets and shift from the theoretical approach of education, we are not going to fulfill the vision for filipinos finding gainful employment.

On the other hand, if the industry does not partner with the academe in identifying the correct competencies and skills for students as well as invest in training to help the next line of talent, they will continue to fight over a narrow market of the top 5% of the labor force.

the bright side to this is that there is the next 15% or the "next line" of talent that needs nurturing from the academe and intervention from the industry to step up and become part of the employable market.


the landscape of Philippine BPO will soon change with the next wave of initiatives from the industry that purposely addresses that issue.

Joint PSITE and PSITS Regional Convention
Region 8, Tacloban City
March 3, 2009


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