Homeless Nemo

capiz shell chandelier. just make sure you don't position it near a window or a strong source of wind. untangling the mess can cause serious stress.

they had to evacuate thousands of sea slugs to make one of these pretty balls. these aren't the same balls you hang on your christmas tree dearie.

obviously, these people didn't get the memo: LEAVE THE SEA SHELLS IN THE SEA.

just in case you're wondering what's with the title and you don't know nemo, you've already lost touch with the child in you and probably won't connect with this particular post.

but, if you're the smart ass genius in class you'd probably say that nemo lives in sea anemones and not in shells.

whatever. they're sea critters. (garnished with cheese, salt and pepper then grilled over an open flame - yuuuumy)

One Visayas Crafts and Culture Display
March 3, 2009


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