Seeing Green

i absolutely hate it when i can't do my usual workout. i get grumpy. traveling for work is a pain. it disrupts your usual cycle and finding creative ways to get some exercise can be a challenge. instead of doing my endless hamster run on the treadmill, i found myself going for an early morning jog in makati. well, not really jog-jog as i was a bit self conscious running through streets slowly filling up with cars heading to work.

i did my runs in a park in legaspi village in makati where they conveniently built a jogging track. then again, that's not really my point for this entry. you see, legaspi village is one of the greenest areas in central makati. greenbelt is a few minutes of leisurely walk from bsa mansions and ayala made sure that there are pockets of greenery in and around the area.

walking through the concrete jungle is not as hot and humid with trees giving shade and a breather from polluted air. i just hope that they won't tear down these parks for more buildings.


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