Aborted Thoughts

a couple of days back, a friend asked me a question:

"What do you tell a guy who tells his girl friend to abort their baby? The girl was just informing him and not even asking to get married."

i racked my brain for something really scathing, cruel. i tried to remember all the melodramatic dialog that peppered my Filipino television and cinematic encounters. I took a deep breath and did my best Nora Aunor impersonation:

"My... baby... is not A PIG!"

Then again that was not my answer (darn, why do I come up with really witty one liners days AAAAAFTER?), i looked my friend in the eye and said:

"sana, nung buntis ang nanay mo sa yo, pinalaglag ka rin."

i apologize for those who can't understand the dialog as it should be delivered in the vernacular, but it roughly translates to the following:

"i wish that your mom aborted you."

i thought that it was just a theoretical question, next thing I know he rushes outside to tell PoorGirl to memorize the exact words.

theoretically though, if you were the mother of hitler and knowing what he is going to do to millions would you have aborted him? well if i were adolf's mom and knowing that i'd spawn the devil, i would have asked the lothario to wear a condom.


Monsieur Fun said…
That's an excellent picture of Herr Hitler. He looks so peaceful.

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