Adobo Loco

of all filipino dishes, adobo remain as the most recognized and popular. it has been referred to as the soul of filipino food. arguably, it can lay claim to that title as every region has a different version and almost every old family has a secret recipe.

what most people don't know though is that adobo is more than a dish but a way to preserve the food without refrigeration. the spices and acidic components of vinegar mixed with salt help to keep the meat edible even when it's left on the table without refrigeration.

throughout the years, the adobo has evolved into a virtual family of ingenious variations from the dry, suacy, vinegar based, coconut cream infused, hot chili, sweetened, mix-a-combo-meats etc.

One of the most interesting variation of adobo is not exactly "adobo". The chinese have flied lice and the filipino have adobo rice. once you're done with cooking adobo, the tastiest bits of meat and sauce stick to the pan - that's when you thrown in more oil, garlic bits, onions and cooked rice. scraping the slightly burnt adobo bits and mixing it up with the rice give it the salty, tangy, garlicky flavor that we love.

Another variety of adobo is the dried flaky version. more popularly referred to as adobo flakes, it is nothing more than shredded cooked adobo meat (chicken or pork) that is re-fried to a crisp.

Top your adobo rice with the adobo flakes and drizzle with adobo sauce and you get yourself a loco adobo experience. make sure to be generous with the oil, that's part of the grrrreat experience.

if you don't want the hassle of going through the cooking, scraping, mixing blah blah blah, head off to Postrio and order the Adobo Loco dish. True Filipino Soul Food.


Mr. Jao said…
Who will ever forget this staple where nearly all the Filipino people have partaken? Not only has my family survived the days when I can't come up with a viable dish, but also the happy memories I have of learning to cook adobo for my kid,
Anonymous said…
One thing about adobo is that you can find the ingredients just about anywhere you happen to be in the world. Which makes it a great dish to satisfy your cravings for Pinoy food even if you live abroad. :)

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