Picture of Christ (Do not open if u cannot forward)

I liked the fact that I was warned not to open this email unless I can't forward. Yup, it's the usual doomsday... aieeeee.... bad luck-if-you-don't-forward-once-you've-seen-it thing.

then again, how many times have I gotten emails from friends who just wished to get lucky by sending out emails with headlines such as "I am not superstitious, I just want to get some luck." right.

here's a thought for everyone, bad luck come our way without us praying for it, what more God's Blessings?

You won't get biblical plagues if you don't forward this thing, but it is nice to share one's appreciation of all the good things from Him.

- this is an email that I sent out to friends, i decided that it is nice enough to share in my blog.


Elisabeth said…
So you distributed the email yourself? So just you can get lucky?

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