Putukan Na!

it is roughly 58 hours and counting before the new year is officially welcomed and i hope everyone has taken enough precautions to ensure a safe celebration. wag na lang tayong mag paputok sa mga daan, mas mabuti pa siguro kung sa loob na lang ng kwarto mag paputok. and yes, you still need to take precaution, unprotected putok can potentially be hazardous and bring unexpected surprises nine months after. be sensible ika nga and follow the ABCs of putok..

A - Abstain
B - Be careful if you can't...
C- and wear a Condom, but just in case you really get the urge to do it...
D - just Do it and
E - Enjoy the
F - Fun (in the spirit of alcohol, err being wholesome, i used this word instead of the more commonly used F-word)

to my friends who are working through the new year, specially those doing hard labor, paalala lang na nakakamatay ang putok, putok sa kilikili po. magbaon ng tawas o roll-on para mabango ang pasok ng bagong taon.

sa mga taga call center, don't greet your customers a "happy new year" because technically, their new year eve starts at about January 1 noon time.

to those that got any part of their appendage amputated because of putok the previous year, be sensible and use the other arm this year. that is, if you're stupid enough to continue with the firecracker thingy.

to those in davao city, be careful as it is illegal to have any fireworks go boom boom boom on new year's eve. here's a suggestion: get a megawatt sound system and have a recording of firecrackers merrily blast away the bad spirits and welcome 2008 (thanks to Randall Ong and family for this fantastic idea)

in any case, be safe this new year and i am so looking forward to a fantastic year ahead! cheers.


bystander said…
hmmm according to DOH there are 45% less cases of people getting injured from firewors in the same period this 2007 compared to 2006. DOH wants to take the credit for having an effective media campaign against fireworks. The reality is that people have less money to buy the boom booms

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