Inquirer: Fired Prisons Chief Claims Innocence: Jalosjos Fled

Ricardo Dapat, Director of the Bureau of Corrections claimed that convicted child rapist and ex-congressman Romeo Jalosjos fled from the national penitentiary and subsequently flew back to Zamboanga Del Norte last December 22, 2007.

before you continue with this piece, take a nice good look at the picture...

find the man with the big humongous bulge. and i meant the tummy, silly.

this picture was taken about two years ago. since then, jalosjos gained more weight to officially become a member of the Balaenopterida family (aka "whale") genus specie: homicidal pedophillus.

in fact, he has gotten so obese that when he tried the hullahoop, it got stuck.. and am just referring at the neck point. he has gotten so big that he needed the other inmates in the national penitentiary to roll him over from his bed every day just to get him on his side.

well according to Dapat, this same fellow managed to flee the national penitentiary. i am trying to imagine how jalosjos did that feat. use a spoon to dig his way out of the prison? that must have taken a lot of digging just to fit that body, i am sure in his final days the funeral parlor would have to mow down a huge acacia tree just to get a coffin big enough to fit him.

uh, he probably tied together bedsheets and lowered himself aka rapunzel style. on the other hand, the laundry department should have been suspicious when hundreds of bedsheets started disappearing - jalosjos needed that much to make a rope strong enough to support his weight.

or did he manage to sneak out so cleverly by hiding himself behind bushes and tiptoeing out of the prison doors? he needs a whole rain forest to hide some of that belly.

i don't know what sort of drug this this Dapat fellow is on, but his statement is just about the most ludicrous and inane piece of storytelling i've heard in a long long time.

what did jalosjos hope to gain by escaping from prison? he's about to be freed in a year's time or so and this stunt will not do well when his case is reviewed (oh, perhaps another six years added to his jail term?). perhaps he felt he deserved to be pardoned just as erap was pardoned for a crime even worse than raping a girl.

something happened and i bet it involved money. lots of it.


bystander said…
here's additional information: the son of jalosjos allegedly told media people not to refer to his father as a convicted child rapist but instead use convited minor rapist. if this is true, well.. he should be checked for drug abuse.
Anonymous said…
if you got to read the case files you will realize that the crime was a committed by a sick and twisted mind - he takes a young girl between 10-12 to a hotel and give her a bath, then he would put his penis in between the girls legs and start thrusting, when he has had enough he will proceed to have sex with the young girl. the following day, he gives the girl money to buy a doll right in SM. we really can't judge if his term in the jail has cured that urge in jalosjos, but one thing for sure is that the children, your children will always be in danger in the presence of this convicted child rapist.

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