Have Spam? Fight Back!

i love my spam, honey glazed with a nice chunk of pineapple, crispy bacon and squeezed between kaiser buns. then again, am pretty sure facebook, wayn and a whole lot of other sites don't sell the edible spam variety.

if you're a gmail, yahoo mail or hotmail user you probably have gotten all sorts of spam mails that try to sell you cars, give you a bigger penis, browse porn all day, you're a pedophile, take viagra like taking vitamins, think you need your house on a second mortgage or generally think you're a loser. heck, the mails will give you a bloody insecurity problem.

well, time to fight back using the tools that are available right in your choice of mail server. the most common approach is to block all mails (otherwise known as "filtering") coming from a particular domain (e.g. @wayn.com, @facebook.com etc)

for gmail users, here are the simple steps you need to follow:
  1. log in to your webmail interface
  2. select the check box of the sample mail you want to block
  3. look for a drop down selection near the top of your email list that says "More Actions", select that one then click "Filter Messages Like This"
  4. here's where the eeeevil fun begins:
it's not enough that we will just block the domain but we can do something to fight back. first is click the following images to Create a Filter and follow the instructions below:

  1. enter the domain you want to block in the From: field, to block a particular email, use the complete address (e.g. register@wayn.com) or to block the whole domain just use the domain name (@wayn.com)
  2. make sure to click on the Test Search button to see if your filter selected the right spam mails.
  3. click on Next Step> and this takes you to the next page
  4. in the following page, it will ask you to Choose action - or simply, how you want to deal with the spam mail once you get one.
  5. the most basic action is to put a check mark on Delete it, but if you really want to clog their mail servers, you may want to check Forward it to: and input the email address (e.g. register@wayn.com) they used to send you the spam mail. a really nice way to get back at them he he he.
what happens is that everytime you get a mail from any mail using that domain, it will be first forwarded to their mailbox then automatically deleted.

for hotmail users, here's a link you need to set up the same type of service to block spam. and here's a nifty link to Yahoo Answers to do the same thing.

there are other solutions available using your mail client (aka outlook, netscape etc) but it takes a bit of explaining to do so am gonna have to skip that one. anyways, i've already covered the three most important mail service providers and should be good enough for most of us who want to fight back at spammers.

going back to spam, i like mine the artery clogging type, not the inbox clogging kind. ugh.


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