American Religion

A new breed of Americans have an almighty god that they serve night and day, muttering the god's name every other sentence or so. No, it is definitely not George Bush - then again, it might be another name for that other "god".

How many times have we heard the words...
  • "Holy Shit" - the common name of their god, "Shit" or the more ancient name "Feces"
  • "Holy Crap" - another name for their god
  • "No Shit!" - a former believer and currently an atheist.
  • "Bullshit!" - a Hindu sect of the religion that mixed the worship of cows with shit
  • "Damned Shit!" - blasphemous utterings of a disappointed believer

In related news, a break away sect is starting with the intent of promoting bodily pleasure as the main mantra of the group. It is very similar to the Shit Sect and uses "Fuck" as another name for their god. "Holy Fuck!" indeed.


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