To Move or Not To Move! That is the question

Firepoi, Year End Party and Luau 2011

So Gold's gym is setting up it's Cebu branch in Mandaue and is actively recruiting people from other gyms to move to their facility. If you don't know who or what Gold's is then it shouldn't matter. On the other hand, a few of my friends are making the move despite the fact that the area is prone to flooding, I guess the extremely attractive price is the come on but one has to consider the distance from where one lives as well as the convenience of the location.
year end luau party in Citigym, lovely friends Nikki and Anne!

I'm staying put in Citigym for a number of reasons (1) it is very close to where I work (2) the facility is superb and well maintained (3) they provide working sauna, steam rooms and shower with really strong water (4) towels are included (5) access to the pool (6) it is still rather "snobbish" as the price discourages the rather obnoxious crowd (i hate it though when they have the student promo thing going on argh) (7) free covered parking in Waterfront (8) they are open 24 hours! (9) they really throw great parties!

mike and hooman, gym friends and regular chat mates.
marie and yvette, friends from waaaay back who moved to citigym :)

the reality though, a lot of these things can be ignored, at the end of the day, there are (very very few) friends in the gym that I hate to leave behind, building new relationships is a pain. Is there a "price" to friendship? So... to move or not to move, hmmm that is indeed the question.

Gorgeous Jackie! Well, hello there LADIES! 
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