the famous skyline!
I've been meaning to visit my cousin in Hong Kong for the longest time. The last time we saw each other was sometime in 2004 when i was still based in Sri Lanka and she had a regional flight that landed in Colombo. fast forward to 2011 before i booked myself a flight from Cebu to Hong Kong.

The best part of the trip? My cousin who has been in Hong Kong for close to 16 years remarked that she saw more places in Hong Kong that she hasn't even visited if it were not for my trip. Hmm, for those people that say Hong Kong is a cheap place, well I got news for you, it is a bloody EXPENSIVE place if your idea of a trip is to troop to the next outlet store and buy a wardrobe set for the next decade or so.
my lovely cousin and personal tour guide! Thanks Doods!

here are a few condensed travel tip (1) grab all the MTR and Tourist guidebook in the Airport and actually read them (2) get yourself an Octopus Tourist Travel card (3) Learn how to use the MTR system and you'll never, ever, get lost (4) Take lots of pictures. lots and lots of pictures! (5) You want to save money on food? go to dimsum places.

The World's Best Skyline - Hong Kong!
I'll post daily pics of Hong Kong in future posts :) for now, enjoy the spectacular view of the world's best Skyline, the Hong Kong Skyline!


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