Another Fad? SumoSam hits Cebu City

"How's the food sir?"

I looked up to Vangie's (not her real name) face and started to say the usual polite thing that most of us mutter when asked the same question by people who serve us in restaurants.

Then again, i just plopped Php 700 pesos for a meal and that should give me some sort of license to be blunt.

Chicken Roll with Cheese

"Do you want my honest opinion?"

Vangie looked a bit surprised, she obviously thought we were going to go through the standard routine.

"I like the portion size, the katsudon curry is huge though my taste is a bit confused with the oriental side salad, the sweet vinaigrette doesn't go well with the japanese curry.
need to get more the curry flavor, this one lacked the sizzle.

speaking of which, i am used to real curry, this should be spicier... though portion-wise, I gotta say it's a huge slab of pork but where's the fat? Magpakatotoo na tayo, masarap pag may taba di ba?"

Vangie smiled, obviously I've hit a point.

"I gotta say though that the crispy squid teriyaki is brilliant! love the crispiness of the baby squid, ang lutong din ng zuchini!" i of course didn't add the fact that it tasted like it was smothered in an overly sweet teriyaki sauce, perhaps an acknowledgement of the classic pinoy sweet preference.

a lot of baby squid got fried for this one, poor lil thingies, they never got the chance to  explore the world he he he

"Pero pinaka gusto ko yung chicken roll though, pero anything with cheese eh panalo na sa kin!" uhm, meron ding drizzled teriyaki sauce ang chicken, feeling ko magkaka diabetes ako nito.

"Balik ka sir ha?"

I could have answered that honestly but i decided to go back to the usual Pinoy answer.

"Oo ba. sa uulitin"

if they served this with wasabi mayo this would have been waaaay much better. then again, that's just me.

and for some of you who are wondering why we were speaking in Tagalog, she started speaking in the language and the decent thing to do is to answer in the same dialect. i also found out that they imported some of the Manila based staff for the opening of their branch here in Ayala Terraces in Cebu City - a good move as the waiting staff was really courteous.

sat outside the restaurant, the better to capture the natural light - besides, didn't want anyone to give me a strange look as i "posed" my food this way and that way he he he

if i were to rate it using the Cebuano scale i would say that Price (5), Portion (9) and Taste (6) would be a total of 6.65/10 - decent, worth a second visit (probably) but not something to rave about.


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