... is a reminder to manny that he sucks when he tries to act. and let's just be honest about it, ara mina and krista won't give him a second look if he didn't have his billions. then again, if his tongue is as hard as his fists then am sure it would make up for the looks department. matigas dila ni mani ano. bisaya kasi. kayo talaga bastos thoughts.

unless they like the ER look.

manual laborer, carpenter, fisher, police officer, government worker etc etc yada yada.

in fairness, i was literally green with envy with his gorgeous abs. and yes, he takes off his clothes in a number of scene to show off his (drug-free) body.

on another note, the role of ruffa mae as his wife who goes to italy and decides to marry an italian fellow was a bit convoluted. and she even gets to bring her kids with her to italy. why in heaven's name are we even showing that? the values are screwed up and it leaves a pretty nice (im)moral lesson: thank you white man for saving another filipina from the clutches of poverty. never mind that the man looked like a reject of a trailer park trash in the deep south of the americas.


Di =) said…
wahhhh tara boxing na rin! hahaha..

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