The M Word

oooohhhh!! ahhhhh! that's the general reaction when people are face to face with martin nievera. i agree. twenty years ago.

until he said hi to me i didn't realize that the english speyking american accent daldalero in front of me was martin. so what is he doing in cebu? ahhh... yes, yet another shot in reviving his long mummified and petrified career via a concert with the frog princess pop fernandez. if you call croaking singing then a frog can be a singer.

except that we're not really going to talk about frogs in this entry. from the gym came boisterous laughter and two tallish young men stepped out and the only word that popped in my head was "monkeys".

yup, i was face to face with robin and ram, kids of martin and pops and the only thing that popped into my head was the infamous M word that was allegedly used by martin's ex girlfriend to refer to robin and ram.

in fairness, the gym staff mentioned that they were pretty smart (or smart sounding with the ameyrican accent).

unfortunately, they apparently inherited all of the bad genes of martin and all of the ORIGINAL genes of pops fernandez.

the pops that you all know today is the result of a series of surgical procedures. just ask calayan.


Anonymous said…
ah, buhay pa ba si pops? kala patay na career nun? hi hi hi
Erich Jao said…
kapow! right smack where it hurts! the offsprings got the raw deal of it all with the revisions made by pops... wait, isn't that what you call cosmetic lies?

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