To Eat or Not To Eat

am not doing shakespear's hamlet review. and am not sure if you can actually refer to this as a review considering that i had no part in this particular feast. blame it on my craving for the banana milkshake in ila puti - i was on day four of my GM diet and the only thing that's allowed for the day are bananas and milk. yesh, the banana milkshake is my favorite in ila puti.

again, pictures say a thousand words but the only thing i can guarantee is that it appears to be good, it looks good, it smells good but i don't have a friggin clue whether the food actually tastes good.

then again, judging by the hearty and enthusiastic appetite of my colleagues it seems like it tastes just as good as it looks. yumi!

triton's feast - shrimp and fish ball slices tossed with orange colored pasta in an olive oil and garlic based sauce.

carbonara - cream based sauce with tons of bacon bits

peking pork - fake na pork? or pork cooked peking style? the fried rice looks delish with chorizo and a bit of hair. yes, a bit of hair. we didn't complain.

beef cheesesteak - tender beef bits done panini style with cream cheese. don't go to starbucks to look for this one. the one who ordered this is a certified starbucks addict.

does someone have real food experience with these dishes?


Cacho said…
incidentally, that day i also got an invitation to join ma'am vangie's birthday bash. kapampangan food is always good but i had to decline. i can't afford to disrupt my diet :)
Anonymous said…
cachoooo! eto ka na namannnnn!!!! gutom na kami dito sa australia. :P
Erich Jao said…
rumble, rumble... dennis my tummy is growling with all your pics. this is beginning to feel like some manner of hell amigo!

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