Mano Po 6

mas malaki pa braso nya sa hita koooh! that about sums up the reaction of moviegoers when they saw sharon cuneta make her appearance in mano po 6 : a mother's love.

why do filipino actors think they can portray ANY role? and why do producers and directors insist on casting actors that obviously do not fit the role? in sharon's case, she's bursting at the seams.

you would have thought that a poor cancer stricken character would look haggard. but no, her character looked uber healthy who overdosed on melamine infused milk, coke, ice cream, burgers etc etc.

and please, babangon ako't dudurugin kita will only work once.

except for ciara sotto who showed facets to her character, everyone else got stuck in one scene.

let me get this straight, there is nothing wrong with being fat. absolutely nothing bad about being curvaceous and bigger than life. but if you decide to take an oprah winfrey and cast her to portray the role of a kate moss or twiggy biography then you'd end up with the same formula as Mano Po 6. a big joke.

worse, in every single scene where the larger-than-life character of sharon appeared, the audience twittered, giggled, sighed and laughed. we simply can not suspend our disbelief for a second and focus on the story.

if there's any salvation for this movie, it would have to be zsa zsa padilla who has perfected her chinoy speak character that had people laughing. oh, that and the scene where sharon did a wapakman and sucker-punched zsa in the face.

buti na lang libre ang bayad ko. thank you citibank mastercard!


Di =) said…
i was wondering why you'd pay to watch this. libre pala!
Erich Jao said…
i'm thinking of a comment, something to write in defense of sharon...
she's a good product endorser!
piloy said…
Even if it was FREE boss why did you go through the torture???
ajota said…
yes she is, erich. she really eats everything she endorses, apparently. including the super ferry. harharhar
Cacho said…
@piloy - totally bored. that's why
@di - correct he he he
@erich - sorry, noranian ako. este i'm a maricel soriano fan
@aj - that's why willie didn't want her on board his yacht. she just might eat it.

now, imagine - Mano Po 6 in spectacular 3D. literally filling in the space HO HO HO

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