i starved myself the whole day. with visions of lengua filling my head. you see, li-ann decided to celebrate her berday in casino espanol. some people may argue that ola espana serves the best spanish cuisine in town but i have this peculiar tendency to fixate on a single dish. i mean, the rest of the menu can be (pardon my french) crap, but if i absoluuutely love one dish then it's worth coming back for more. besides, aranos for me is better than ola. but that's just mi opinion okay?

UNfortunately, there was no tongues hanging, stewing and melting in my mouth that night. they had all sorts of dishes like roast beef, beef stew, (i work for an indian owned company and i kinda feel guilty eating a lot of beef that night) pork in mushroom, chicken in pineapple, ham, paella, yada yada yada but i was fixated on getting lengua.


i settled for beef with mushrooms and fish in cream sauce, not exactly what i wanted but it was fantabulously delicious. i mean, soft falling meat stewed in tomato and a bit of wine, garlic and pepper made the beef oh so tempting (uh, had three servings) specially if it's served on top of paella (don't tell the peeps, i kept on picking the chorizo bilbao).

the fish isn't that bad either, cooked in cream and some white wine, the dori fish melts in your mouth. i would have loved it served on top of plain steamy hot rice though. the paella flavor somehow drowned the whole experience.

eneways, thank you li-ann! mucho appreciate the invite. i still owe you the pics!!!!!


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