Michael goes the way of the Dodo

if you haven't heard the news then you're probably more a of reclusive than me. michael jackson is dead - but this post is not about his life or the fact that he cancelled yet another concert for the last time. well, he's got the perfect excuse this tme: he's dead.

this entry is about bloggers who write up about Michael Jackson and use that as a tag to generate search hits. Michael Jackson is cyber-currency. every OTHER blogger is writing about it. it doesn't matter that one site tried to relate a food review with the death of michael jackson, some sort of leaving-the-taste-buds-dead line. or another pet-lovers blog that named a gorgeous white shitzu Michael in remembrance of the pop icon. for god's sake, Michael is BLACK - oh wait, is he? whatever.

just like any other media (or medium), bloggers are falling prey to the commercial pressure of drawing in hits in any way they can. i am purposely scheduling this post a WEEK after the event - to prove a point, i am making a statement about this situation and am not attempting to draw in hits from Michael stalkers.

hey M, i may not really like you, but i do sincerely pray for your peace.



Karlota Reyes said…
hahaha.. jacko even in death creates a buzz.. weee
Anonymous said…
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