Dinner with Red

so red calls me up and calmly says he probably has high blood. without skipping a beat he cheerfully adds that he just got a book Eat 4 Your Type that should help him with his diet. i didn't want to tell him that it's job that's causing his health woes, not the endless hotel buffet that he eats. daily. with dessert.

anyways, he promptly tells me he is not supposed to eat anything meaty, more specifically red meat. and i was like, so uh... you were just on a pure protein diet a couple of months back... his blood type A is apparently supposed to be more "vegetarian" and i was so tempted to tell him to simply convert into hinduism and he'd be forced to eat vegetables anyways.

i got the book from him and read the food he's not supposed to eat... pork, beef, mussels, clams, squid (i glanced at his face and every time i mentioned something he's sorta falling deeper into depression) although he's allowed to eat seafood except for catfish, eel and the list goes on.

hey you're in luck! you can eat chicken! and uhh... guinea hen!!!! (what the hell is a guinea hen?) but they're like fillers, not the ideal food for you.

so red tells me he wants to have dinner and i drove around thinking where we can get food that's technically "safe" for him. we ended up in neo neo and decided to order spicy squid, foil grilled milkfish, baked scallops and chopsuey.

he's not supposed to order squid but that was his order and i was craving for some scallops. he wanted to get the chopsuey although there's a bit of meat tossed into the mix. he carefully set aside the meat and liver parts as he picked out the vege and i turned a blind eye as he quickly popped a couple of meaty morsels every time he thinks i wasn't looking. poor fellow.

anyways, for some reason i've forgotten what my blood type is. the last time i had it checked was when i was in gradeschool. and there's a couple of things i'd rather forget during that time. zits was one of them.

but i'm curious, i might just have a check then see what sorta food i'm supposed to have. i hope i'm a type O. i'm a carnival you know, errr... carnivore.

anyways, if you find yourself in neo neo, the spicy squid is great, the chopsuey so so, the foil grilled milkfish is a bit dry, and the scallops resembled dehydrated meat that's been soaked in water before it got served. this place doesn't compare to AAs or Kuya J's.


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