bio warfare

i sat with my head between my knees. hyperventilating and gasping for breath after my much loved military drill sergeant put me through 92 minutes of running in the gym.

now, imagine having dilated nostrils complete with deep gasps of lung-filling inhalation to try and get some air then - wham, you get hit by the olfactory version of durian curdled in blue cheese that has literally turned blue because of molds that has somehow found residence in the darkest, hairiest pits of an armpit.

my head snapped back as i tried to clear my fuzzy head and had a fading vision of this european ape going further away from where i sat. oblivious to the fact that every other member of the gym turned pale then a nauseous green.

he literally left a trail of destruction.

the next time i saw him i wore my face mask, i had the convenient excuse that i was just being cautious about swine flu. never mind that i only wear it when he's around.


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