Stealing Identities

my name is really unique. dennis tagamolila. i am sure i can find millions of dennis' all over the world, but add "tagamolila" and am sure you'd only find one - that's me.

you see, i have received three text messages (well, two text messages and one email) from friends who all claimed they saw my name in facebook and want to be added to my really wide wide wide network of friends.

except that i didn't sign up for facebook.

what are the chances of someone naming a kid "dennis"? statistically, "dennis" is the 76th most popular name in the US with 600,000++ people sharing my first name. try to find "tagamolila" in the US and there are about 336 or fewer people with the same surname. The chances of a "dennis tagamolila" in the US is less than 1 (i didn't realize that the manananggal, a filipino mythical beast that has half a torso with bat wings exist in the US) - and in case you're wondering how i got this information, i stumbled accross in my insane search for that doppelganger.

the current population estimate of the US is at 305,677,000 (January 2009) and if you try to find that "dennis tagamolila" in the US, i'd give you a 0.0000002% chance of success.

which totally leads to my point, that person in Facebook has a 0.0000002% chance of being me. nice.

i am currently consulting my wide wide wide network of LAWYER friends if i can make money out of this, errr... to reclaim my name.


Carlota said…
there are 2 people in US that goes by the name charlotte de los reyes. and i thought i was unique too. ahhaha
Meg21 said…
yehey ako din 1 or fewer yung name ko I tried both yung nickname plus surname and my real name hehehehe :)

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