So Much To Do, So Little Time

I was googling my way to find a suitable quote from a movie about having so much to do and having soooo little time and the closest i get is Robert Englund (Strangeland 1998) saying: "So much flesh, so little time." - at that point i just assumed that the movie is about an introspective zombie (or werewolf) thinking about the feast that is yet to come.

I was debating whether to use that quote or the one from Lucy Lawless (aka Xena, the Warrior Princess) who was quoted to have said "So much porn, so little time."

at the risk of losing your interest in so short a time, let me get to the point: thirtyMinutesAfterTheStrokeOfMidnightLastNewYearIpulledOutMyLaptopToDoSomeWork


Carlota said…
congrats.. we are hoping to acquire lots of workloads too.. not good for mepz people.. enjoy
Meg21 said…
sana lahat ganyan nu :) I'm so happy for you... miss na kita haaaayyyzzz....

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