Golden Memories

momi deanna's parents are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary and i offered to make a photobook for the couple. it was a long process, looking for old pictures and getting family and friends to submit written memories about the couple. they are clueless about the project and momi deanna planned on surprising them during their anniversary ceremony. the best part was finding the wedding memorabilias, newspaper clippings about the wedding and the first love letter ernie wrote for arlene.



Carlota said…
congrats to them.. weee
Meg21 said…
this is so sweet... napaka rare na yata ng couples na umaabot sa ganitong stage,... haayyyy sana ako din :P kahit man lang 25th hehehe :P
i am nobe. said…
@my grandparent are on their 75th year. i remember when they celebrated their 50th. ewe they kissed. on the lips!


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