Missing the Point

In the early days of aviation, a flight from London to... say Sydney or Manila, required nerves of steel and much padding of one's behind. It also required 42 refueling stops, 5 changes of aircraft and a train journey through Italy because Musssolini wouldn't allow flights through Italian airspace. It took all of 12 days. And we've not even factored in mechanical failures, typhoons, dust storms and the occasional potshots from curious sharpshooters. Crashes were not infrequent, much like what happened yesterday to ZestAir in Boracay. <-- this one from Maning

They probably had russian pilots who are notoriously (in)famous for "refuelling" vodka while on duty. and if you're wondering what's the point (pun intended) of the title? well, that's exactly what happened. ZestAir missed the landing point and crashed against the fence. No one died, thank God for that.


Anonymous said…
OMG!!!! You were serious about posting my ramblings.
Cacho said…
at least i make sure that i acknowledge the source ha ha ha. sige amigo, i'll expect more text messages from you.
slowmotion said…
checking the schedules for the amorsolo exhibits (which i've all obviously missed, except for the one in the ayala museum), i stumble into your blog! nice site!

And you have a suroy sugbo blog man diay! Which was an even better surprise! hehe nindot! Especially since it almost seemed as if I was (virtually) back home, even for a few minutes.


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